Which church confession are you defending?

Someone emailed:
Before I go out and buy your book, I was wondering if you could please explain to me what view you hold to. Is it the view that upholds to the Westminster Confession? That is, remarriage is allowed even when the spouse still remains alive.

Or is it the view that believes that all remarriage is an act of adultery? Of course, not including remarriage after an unlawfully/in-sensuous marriage. That is, if a husband or wife divorces their spouse and remarries another while he or she is still alive, this would constitutes the act of adultery. This is the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reply: If you are looking for something which simply supports what a particular church has always taught, you will be disappointed.

I am attempting to read the NT through the eyes of people living in NT times – ie people who spoke every day using the same phrases which Jesus used and which we sometimes find confusing. Their understanding of Jesus' message would have been differently to that of virtually all modern churches. The surprising thing is that their understanding of the text is much more coherent and pastorally sensitive than ours today.

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