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I love to get emails, especially if they are asking questions which aren’t already answered here, or if they are disagreeing with me politely and with Bible-based reasons. Please take a moment to look at previous emails before you write.

Pastoral support doesn't really work by email, so if you need this, I'd encourage you to find a local fellow Christian or minister. Their personal views on this subject don't matter too much if they are good at listening, both to you and to God.

I personally read and answer all emails, though sometimes the reply is brief . In order to save myself being overwhelmed with spam, my computer performs a quick check. It resends the message back to you and asks you to confirm it by simply clicking on "Reply" without adding anything to the message or subject line. This helps you to know that your message has arrived OK, and help me to know that it is not spam.

Click on "email me" below and your email will come to me without appearing on this page. If your question results in a reply which may be useful to others, I may create an anonymized version of your quesion and post it with a general version of the reply.

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